CBD & Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is one of the most common causes of low back and neck pain, and also one of the most misunderstood. It refers to symptoms of back or neck pain caused by wear-and-tear on a spinal disc. In some cases, degenerative disc disease also causes weakness, numbness, and hot, shooting pains in the arms or legs (radicular pain). Degenerative disc disease typically consists of a low-level chronic pain with intermittent episodes of more severe pain.

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The role of CBD as a treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease

A study from the University of British Columbia investigated the link between using cannabinoids to treat disc injuries.
Over a 15 day period results from magnetic resonance imaging and histological analyses the study concluded that CBD revealed ‘anti-degenerative effects’ suggesting it as a useful treatment for intervertebral disc degeneration.

The therapeutic power of CBD serves as an analgesic without significant adverse effects.
By Improving mobility, neurological symptoms, pain, mental health and general well being, CBD is proving itself to be a good choice of treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease and similar conditions.

Research studies such as this bring about exciting opportunities for CBD and its capability of healing and pain relief. It is true that we are lacking clinical research since most of the evidence we rely on for the benefits of CBD is merely anecdotal and personal testimonies. Nevertheless it seems we have a lot to look forward to in the future once we see CBD go to clinical trial and it can deservedly take its place as a recognised medicine.

The content on these pages are in no way intended to offer any related health benefits to our products but merely to share opinions and any research findings.

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