CBD Oil & Fibromyalgia


Many fibromyalgia sufferers are turning to CBD oil in the hope of relieving their symptoms. The scientific evidence as to whether CBD is capable of doing so is not yet available since there are no clinical trials, in the meantime we rely on anecdotal evidence and patient testimonials to back it up. According to many sufferers of fibromyalgia they are finding great relief with CBD to improve their symptoms.

What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia ?

In addition to pain, people with fibromyalgia could also have:

Cognitive and memory problems (sometimes called “fibro fog”)
Trouble sleeping
Morning stiffness
Irritable bowel syndrome
Painful menstrual periods
Numbness or tingling of hands and feet
Restless legs syndrome
Temperature sensitivity
Sensitivity to loud noises or bright lights

How CBD helps to relieve these symptoms ? Some researchers believe that fibromyalgia sufferers have a deficient endocannabinoid system. Read more about the ECS here.
By taking CBD we may therefore boost the lacking Endocannabinoid system to restore natural balance.
Learn more about CBD as an anti inflammatory here

A study from the national library of medicine;

Cannabis use in patients with fibromyalgia: effect on symptoms relief and health-related quality of life.
Fiz J1, Durán M, Capellà D, Carbonell J, Farré M.
Author information
The aim of this study was to describe the patterns of cannabis use and the associated benefits reported by patients with fibromyalgia (FM) who were consumers of this drug. In addition, the quality of life of FM patients who consumed cannabis was compared with FM subjects who were not cannabis users.

Information on medicinal cannabis use was recorded on a specific questionnaire as well as perceived benefits of cannabis on a range of symptoms using standard 100-mm visual analogue scales (VAS). Cannabis users and non-users completed the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ), the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) and the Short Form 36 Health Survey (SF-36).

Twenty-eight FM patients who were cannabis users and 28 non-users were included in the study. Demographics and clinical variables were similar in both groups. Cannabis users referred different duration of drug consumption; the route of administration was smoking (54%), oral (46%) and combined (43%). The amount and frequency of cannabis use were also different among patients. After 2 hours of cannabis use, VAS scores showed a statistically significant (p<0.001) reduction of pain and stiffness, enhancement of relaxation, and an increase in somnolence and feeling of well being. The mental health component summary score of the SF-36 was significantly higher (p<0.05) in cannabis users than in non-users. No significant differences were found in the other SF-36 domains, in the FIQ and the PSQI.

The use of cannabis was associated with beneficial effects on some FM symptoms. Further studies on the usefulness of cannabinoids in FM patients as well as cannabinoid system involvement in the pathophysiology of this condition are warranted.

It appears that the significance of CBD and its place as a suitable treatment for fibromyalgia deserves recognition and more studies and clinical trials are called for.

Do you take CBD to treat your fibromyalgia symptoms ? If so we’d love to hear about your experiences. Send us your comments here and we will publish them on our page with your permission, anonymously if you prefer.

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