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Cannabinoids and their effects on horses

Horses live in a constant state of “fight or flight.” They have instinctive fears of tripping or falling. Unable to see behind them, they worry about what’s going on back there. And, if you have been around horses enough, you realize they really would prefer to run wild.

In addition to their anxiety, horses are subject to many medical problems: arthritis, chronic laminitis, herd bound issues, muscle soreness, stall rest, trailering fear, and more.

  • Equine Arthritis: Just like humans, aging horses develop Degenerative Joint Disease (DID) that appears as pain, swollen joints, and stiffness.
  • Chronic Laminitis: According to the American Association of Equine Practitioners, “Laminitis results from the disruption . . . of blood flow to the sensitive and insensitive laminae. These laminae structures within the foot secure the coffin bone (the wedge-shaped bone within the foot) to the hoof wall. Inflammation often permanently weakens the laminae and interferes with the wall/bone bond. In severe cases, the bone and the hoof wall can separate.” Among other causes, laminitis relates to aging, digestive issues, and severe colic.
  • Herd Bound Issues: Horses are prey animals that find comfort in membership in a herd with other horses. They are social in their fear, so they suffer anxiety when separated from the horse social circle you call “a herd.”
  • Muscle Soreness: Horses suffer muscle strain and pain, especially after exercise. It is usually relieved with rest and physiotherapy. But, riders and owners are often insensitive to the pain horses feel around the saddle area and in their legs following an active ride.
  • Stall Rest: Equiresearch explains, “Weeks of cooped-up idleness can make your horse aggressive, anxious, or dull, and can even interfere with his healing unless you anticipate and counteract the effects of confinement.”
  • Trailering Fear: Horses are claustrophobic. As an animal of prey, they instinctively prefer open space. Small, tight, mobile areas frighten them because they restrict escape and even the room to turn around.
    In addition, horses have long memories of uncomfortable and unstable rides in the past.Anecdotal evidence tells us that CBD could be beneficial to treat horses for some issues such asDigestion and Appetite
    Chronic Pain
    Separation Anxiety/ Generalized Anxiety

CBD for horses is easy to use by owners, veterinarians or trainers easily administered underneath the tongue through the use of a syringe.

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